Products asanetwork Viewer

asanetwork Viewer is used to view and print out asanetwork XML results.

Viewer 3.0.3 provides updated XSL style sheets for LF5 which are needed for processing asanetwork XML results. The viewer is available as freeware edition or as professional edition.


Freeware edition – free
Professional edition 200€ (+VAT) per site

Please order the software using the order number 44051 via EMail, Fax or written order. If your company is located in Europe, please don’t forget your VAT-ID!

Display of asanetwork XML results
Print out of asanetwork XML results
Configuration and installation of style sheets
Access to the entire vehicle history
Installation and user support
Support for non conforming formats like PDF
Support for non conforming XML formats
Support for embedded pictures in XML data
Support to validate XML data against the DTD