asanetwork Diagnostics

You need to quickly check your asanetwork functionality?

Download and use the free asanetwork diagnostics software. AwnDiag inspects major components of asanetwork and verifies proper function and configuration.

AwnDiag is targeted to help users and service personal to get a quick diagnosis of typical problems.

Price: Free



AwnDiag provides a beginner and an expert mode. The beginner mode provides a quick test of asanetwork, the expert mode allows deeper and additional testing plus remote diagnostics from other networks.

Beginner mode
  • Diagnostic of network manager
  • Quick test
Expert mode
  • Remote diagnostics of an asanetwork if you have a dial-up or VPN connection
  • Detailed asanetwork configuration
  • Analysis of known and/or active services
  • Order information
  • Active und passive network managers (Test organizations using notebooks)
  • Test order creation wizard

Have a look at the user manual for more information.