VCL client controls

VCL client controls

VCL client controls

The VclClient controls are ideally suited for all users of Embacadero VCL based tools like Delphi, C++ Builder or Rad Studio. They allow an easy integration of test and measurement equipment into asanetwork.

Version 5.0 suppports the protocol level 02.00.


VclClient: 2490 € first developer license, each additional 249 €


TAwnSimpleService2 encapsulates an asanetwork service as a control. You don’t need to set up any message handler or callback. The component uses standard VCL events accessible at design time. In the same way, service properties are defined at design time like DId, DLoc or Prio. TAwnControl implements everything needed to handle orders and the result history for your application.

Key features

  • Supports any number of asanetwork services including base and sub services via ini file
  • Supports easy visualization with draw grid, status panel and led
  • Supports display of own or all orders
  • Allows easy modification of font and color styles
  • Completely handles the workflow of orders items
  • Handles unexpected termination of your application (restart)
  • Handles multiple orders simultaneously
  • Enables your application for result history
  • Supports queries for orders and results

The component reads in a ini file which defines all the services for your application. There is no limit on the number of services and sub services used for order items (like brake test, emission test or wheel alignment). You can easily link an TDrawGrid component to the component.