.Net Framework Interface

.Net Framework Interface

Awn.Net – .Net Framework Interface to asanetwork

The .NET Interface and components are 100% pure native implementations for the Microsoft .NET Framework. Supported are .Net Framework 2.0 or 4.0/4.5.


AwnCore.Net: 2490 € first developer license, each additional 249 €
AwnClient.Net: 3990 € first developer license, each additional 399 €
AwnDms.Net: 4990 € first developer license, each additional 499 €



AwnCore.Net, the base library, is similar to the well known C++/Delphi-Interface. The main class is AwnService together with Container class AwnSend and the data classes AwnData, AwnFile, AwnOrder and AwnVehicle.

On top of AwnCore.Net we offer additional high-Level components, which make life easier for test Equipment and DMS developers.

AwnClient.Net implements all functionality and order handling for test Equipment, while AwnDms.Net implements that for Dealer-Management-Systems.