AxDmsServer4 controls for dealer management systems

AxDmsServer4 controls for dealer management systems

AxDmsServer controls

AxDmsServer 4.0 controls are ActiveX controls and are build upon the AxAwn3 COM library. They are ideally suited for easy integration of dealer management systems into asanetwork.

Now with support for protocol level 02.00 (requires network manager 3.0 and later).


AxDmsServer: 4490 € first developer license, each additional 449 €


AxOrderMgmt3 control implements all asanetwork specific tasks for order handling. This includes e.g. the state management as well as the handling of queries. You only need to create an order object, fill in the property values and add it to the component. This will enable all required tasks for asanetwork. Each change in state (e.g. from active to finished) fires an appropriate event. All orders and order items are stored in lists for direct access (using the AxCollection Library). Of course, extended vehicle data is supported. The control can be used for single and multi-user applications.

AxResultMgmt3 control implements a read only (receiving) data storage service. The component handles receiving of result data and later queries for previously received results.

AxOrderDisp3 control is used for visualization and debugging of order states.