More information can be found on the official asanetwork web site.

asanetwork is the communication standard for automotive trade facilities

asanetwork is the link between vehicle testers (like a diagnose line, a smoke meter or an engine tester) and the dealer management system (customer order system).

asanetwork integrates all systems used in the workflow process. A new opened order is forwarded to all interested parties.

Measured data and results are stored for later post processing.

A typical workflow

  • A new order is prepared on the DMS.
    The customer and vehicle data is either entered as new or taken from the database.
    A new order item (task) for e.g. exhaust testing is created.
  • All order items (tasks) are send into the network
  • The operator on the gas analyzer selects the appropriate task in a list box.
    • All data necessary for the task is displayed.
    • The task for emission test is started. In the DMS the state of the order changes to commenced.
  • The exhaust testing is carried out.
    • Then the gas analyzer sends the measurement data as result to the network for later access or print out.
    • The task for emission test is finished. In the DMS the state of the order changes to completed.
  • After the completion of all task the order is closed.
    • Together with the invoice the protocol of e.g. the exhaust testing is printed in the office.
    • The order is removed from the network