Public Preview of network manager 3.0

The last 6 years, asanetwork used protocol version 01.75. Now the time has come to move to version 02.00. Protocol version 02.00 adds Unicode support (and better internationalization) together with new data fields. Implemented are These changes in a new version of network manager. Version 3 will be released later this year free of charge for all users of network manager 2.x. The new network manager is fully backward compatible and requires no other changes in your running system. Version 3 already runs and supports Windows 10 Preview and Windows Server Technical Preview.

To build a rock solid release we need your help. Please update your current 2.x network manager and install test version 2.99. Simply run the installer and upgrade. This version is a fully supported 60 day release. We will provide a new build or the final release before expiration.

Download Netman.Net.Installer2.99.685.0.exe Release candidate now available Netman.Net.Installer2.99.702.0.exe

Release notes and installation instructions: Release notes for protocol 02.00.pdf

Tool Support

New SDK-Tools with support for protocol version 02.00 are also available. These new tools require network manager 2.99 or later.
Download SDKTools400_134.exe

Asanetwork Diagnostics for protocol version 02.00.