How to suppress the initial 5 day license before installation

Since version 2.9, network manager supports a 5 day full license mode after a new installation and supports a third licensing schema based on asanetwork devices. This may create unwanted results for PTI organizations if standalone machines with fully licensed network manager get connected to a corporate network.

If you like to suppress this new behavior (and force the previous behavior), add a registry key prior to installation.

This entry is a DWORD called SkipLicenseByService and should be created under
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\AxoNet Software GmbH\asanetwork Netman.

SkipLicenseByService = 0 (or missing) enables the new 5 day full mode and licensing based on products

SkipLicenseByService = 1 disables the 5 day full mode and blocks licensing based on products