Guideline 5.01 (Leitfaden 5.01) Update

The new emission test device guideline 5.01, which is applied from January 1, 2018, brings two changes to asanetwork:

  • A new guideline version number 5.01.
  • A nominal speed.

Guideline version number 5.01

This affects the XML DTD (Document Type Definition) and XSD (XML Schema Definition). The new version has been added to both files. Update October 5, 2017: merged missing rename of FMI to AMI. Download here.

Nominal speed

This is the rotational speed of the maximum power, which is shown in the field P.4 in (German) vehicle documents. This value is used for order and vehicle data as well as for emission result data (XML).

Order and vehicle data

In asanetwork we do not have a field for nominal speed but instead a maximum speed in the extended vehicle data set. To make things easier and to avoid breaking changes, we use this maximum speed field now for the nominal value!

XML result data

XML result data has used two speeds so far, the idle and the cutoff speed:

    <TITLE>Idle speed</TITLE>
    <VALUE RESULT="1" LOWLIM1="800" HIGHLIM1="1000" UNIT="rpm">850</VALUE>

    <TITLE>Cut-off speed</TITLE>
    <VALUE RESULT="1" LOWLIM1="4500" HIGHLIM1="5200" UNIT="rpm">5100</VALUE>

Nominal speed is added in a similar way. We do not provide an actual value but use LOWLIM1 instead. This is done in anticipation of GL 6.

    <TITLE>Nominal speed</TITLE>
    <VALUE RESULT="1" LOWLIM1="4200" UNIT="rpm"></VALUE>