Emission test Guideline 5 (AU-Geräteleitfaden 5)

The new emission test guideline 5 (AU-Geräteleitfaden 5, short LF5) was released on December 4, 2014 and is effective from June 1, 2015 in Germany. This guideline requests a couple of changes in asanetwork which are collected in this blog post. Note: most documents are only available in German!

Overview on all changes

asanetwork changes for LF5, Edition 1.2

Sample files

XML Test results with current DTD/XSD Schema

XML Nominal data (setpoint data) with current DTD/XSD Schema

Further applicable documents

 „Definition for inspection results in asanetwork“ Edition 5.0, Document xml_v5_en.pdf

„Vehicle identification and setpoint data for asanetwork“ Edition 2.0.1 , Document vident_v20_de.pdf

Stylesheets for asanetwork Viewer

End of first quarter 2015 an updated viewer will be published with updated style sheets. If you like to do some first tests, download updated style sheets from here and copy these files into the installation folder (overwriting any existing file).